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Year 2 term 1 / week 1

Who am I?

This is year 2 of my course and here I will display an updated timeline of what I have gained in knowledge so far. I will explain the advantages of doing this and what this timeline shows.

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Year 2 term 1 / week 2

Animation in after effects

In this, I wanted to experiment with the animation feature within adobe after effects. To do this, I will create a small animation of the game pong which will be displayed on an image of a 90’s television set.


(Arrojas, 2017)

If you are familiar with the Atari game pong, you will know that pong is one of the most classic/first games to be playable on TV. As a commercial success in 1972. Pong is like ping pong in which you use a ping pong bat to hit a ball to the other player. The one who hits the ball to the opposite player and that player misses, they get a point. So it’s basically like air hockey on a game console with added sound effects.


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Final major project week 7

Animation process

In this, I will go through what I am doing to create my three animations. I will explain what tools within the programs I use, how some of these tools will help me for my target explorations, what I did for my animations and what principles I have in them and can use in them.

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Final major project week 6

Project PowerPoint

This Is a PowerPoint that I had made to present what I hope to accomplish within my exploration. I will display what I hope to learn, what I understand about my task, what genre and concept my work will be in and what I hope to make as a result of this exploration.

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Portfolio final draft

Year One Portfolio

final draft


Final major project week 5

Primary research

In this task, I will be performing primary research for my project. This research will be of movement of someone wielding a staff and I will analyze where elements of the 12 principles of animation can be found, can be placed or why people would place a method there within an animation.

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Final major project week 4

Task 1

In this task, I will be carrying out secondary research for the project I want to explore. I will be listing different methods of animation/ the 12 principles of animation and I will reference these sources.

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Final major project week 3

Industry Overview

For my work, I need to view the elements in which industries my work would come under, just like animators I need to identify how they distribute their work, how they exhibit their work, the difference between Independent studios/Mainstream studios and the regulation of the animated products.

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Final Major Project Week 2

Ideas for a project

In this task, I will be starting to come up with ideas for three projects that I could make using skills and methods that I have learned within this course. I will provide references to skills I have required and will be building foundations for ideas.

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