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Term 2, week 8

My Evaluation of feedback

I got a lot of good feedback from people about how to improve my game. My game was tested and played by a variety of people who gave me the thoughts in comments. I will now discuss my views on their comments such as agreements, disagreements, and other matters

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Term 2, week 7

Game Maker

In this task, we were asked to make a 1 level mini game using Game Maker. In this task, I will show you, how to create a 1 level mini game, the pros, and cons when making the game and my work evaluation.

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Term 2, week 6

Game Tile sets

In this task, I was asked to create pixel art tile sets in Photoshop to practice making assets for our game. In this, I will Show you how I made the tile sets, what they would be used for and how I could use this knowledge for future projects.

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Term, 2 week 5

Game sound analysis



When it comes to fez, it is a game that uses a lot of sounds to express and make the impression of actions and features in the game.

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Term 2, week 4

Pixel Sprite Ideas

In this Task, I was asked to start coming up with ideas for our protagonist and antagonist for our game. We needed to make these sprites with a 32 by 32-pixel canvas but we first come up with ideas on grid paper.

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Term 2, week 3

Pixel sprite animation

For this project, I was asked to create three; pixel art animations on Photoshop, one for punching, one for jumping and one for walking. I will be showing you the processes of how I made these, the requirements of making them and an insight into the history of animation. There will also be examples of what I  have made and the processes.

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Term 2, week 2

Introduction to Pixel art (The Queen)

In this task, I was asked to create 3 images of game character sprites using one image as a reference. We were given to queen since she has never been a Pixel sprite icon before. In this, I will show you how I made the 3 sprites, how easy or hard points in the task and evaluate my work.

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Term 2, week 1

Introduction to pixel art (Harry Potter)

In this project, I was asked to create pixel art of an 8 bit, 16 by 16 canvas in Photoshop and make pixel game sprites of harry potter characters. I will be telling you the process of how I made these sprites, what pixel art is and evaluate my work.

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Term 1 Project

Hansel and Gretel Interactive eBook

For Term one I was asked to create an Interactive eBook on the story of Hansel and Gretel. For this, I have created an interactive eBook with my own drawings for the imagery, using Adobe InDesign to create my eBook and publish it on Adobe Content Viewer, now I am evaluating my work and thinking about, the research, what skills I needed, improvements that can be made, what went well and what was hard or easy.

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