Timeline write-up

In this task, I was asked to display what I had viewed, learned and created in my course so far and I displayed it within a visual timeline with small notes to explain the elements. I will explain why I created this timeline and I will show how it will help me with future work.


Work improvement timelineimage

I created this timeline to keep a track on, what I had worked with throughout this course, and displaying what new skills I had learned within the course so far. It is also a very small version of what I had evaluated in previous blogs, What I did to accomplish this work, what I could have done better and what when according to plan. This is also a good way to promote what I am capable of or what I had tried out for any future jobs.

This is important to me because it shows how I have developed my skills over the past couple of months. It shows me what I have improved at and, with previous work I can also show interviewers how I have developed and how I am able to evaluate my work.  This also gives me a larger range of programs that I have used and can place on my CV. It’s also good because when I’m working on a future project I will be able to use this timeline to help me with my work, such as use the timeline to evaluate my work by saying when I used the program or when I first learn to use it.

Who am I?

In this, I will give you a little insight into who I am and what has been pushing me towards my target goals.

who am i list maybe main file2

This is a small diagram to show what sort of person I am and what interests I have. It allows you to understand a little of why my focus in the media industry is pointed towards animation and cartoons.

This will help me with future research as it gives me categories of the type of project I will want to explore in. This will also allow me to show people what will inspire me to make my future project.