In this blog post I will be talking about Prevent Strategy. I was shown a few presentation including videos on the Prevent Strategy which main focus is around the prevention of Extremist parties establishing and growing.

What is Prevent?

Prevent is like it says in the title, if a form of stopping something from happening before is happens. It’s a form of figuring out the problem and coming up with a strategy to stop this future event from happening. Preventing something from happening can be hard or sometimes stressful in certain situations but, with the right planning, help and support, the problem can be abolished before it does any feather harm.

How do people become radicalized?

People are becoming radicalized through the use of their age and being easy to manipulate. Or someone is lead to adopt political, religious or aspirations. This radicalism is getting younger people into too much dangerous or deathly situations. This has unfortunately caused many untimely deaths in younger people and is becoming a serious problem. One of the biggest platforms that radicalization is taking place is on social media, because social media is used by a huge number of young people every second of the day and the fact that there is secret messaging, This makes it easier for the youth to be targeted.


What are the signs of someone becoming radicalized?

When looking out for signs of radicalization it’s important to know what these people normally act like and what has changed. One of many reasons to be concerned about them is if they start to distance themselves from common friends and family. Another thing that will need to be considered is if they keep strangely tight lipped about who they communicate with online.

Who can help if someone is being radicalized?

How can you, as a creative make a difference to help the prevent strategy?