Game Tile sets

In this task, I was asked to create pixel art tile sets in Photoshop to practice making assets for our game. In this, I will Show you how I made the tile sets, what they would be used for and how I could use this knowledge for future projects.

What are Tilesets?

Tile sets are used very often inside scroller games. They are used for platforms or backgrounds so the creator doesn’t have to keep constantly recreating elements or other tiles. These tile sets are mostly seamless so that whenever you make paths or platforms, you can pick different parts of the tile sets without the path having to look a little off or strange such as uneven patterns or sudden lines within the texture.

For example:


With the rocks, you are able to either make a long path to destinations or with just picking corners of the tile set you can make stepping stones. This also goes for the grass and mud patches. Using the side of the grass tiles that contain patches of mud, you are able to make a mud path that has grass on the sides. These seamless textures are mostly for the category of walls, floors and other such large faced platforms. These tiles can come in a range of shapes such as a rectangle, square, parallelogram or hexagonal graphic images. These can also be used to make higher platforms or floating platforms in a variety of shapes and sizes, without having to constantly draw them again and again. This helps with the time used to create elements for a game and can be great for a game that needs to be made within a time limit.

Tile set Ideas

For my ideas, I will be basing and directing my ideas towards the Egyptian genre. This is because the main theme of the game that was chosen was ancient Egypt. For this genre, the main colour pallet for my tiles will need to be in the mid yellow to orangey tones since this is a sandy colour that’s most comment with places like Egypt and other barren and hot places.

For referencing I will need to look for various types of sands and stones from Egypt, The research I can strongly conduct is secondary research since I am limited to transport/time and physical resources. As I resort within the UK, working on a media course at college, I neither have the time or money to make it to Egypt for primary resources. If I need some sort of primary resource within an easy to reach location, I could resort to traveling to beaches within the UK that is sandy.

For example:

Using search engines, I was able to find various images of different types of sands and stones that can be located in Egypt. Using these images I am able to use colours from the images to make colour pallets and able to use the images to make similar looking tile sets.

Top trumps

For this task, I was asked to make a top trump card presenting our protagonist. This card will have an image made by myself and an already existing image, the card will also present Information about our character to give the viewer a little insight into who they are. I will also be showing you the process of the making of the card and a little evaluation on how the card is presented.