Game Maker

In this task, we were asked to make a 1 level mini game using Game Maker. In this task, I will show you, how to create a 1 level mini game, the pros, and cons when making the game and my work evaluation.


Game Maker is a free downloadable program that is used to create games as said in the title. The program has been used to make well-known games such as Hyper Light Drifter and UnderTale.

Undertale: undertaleheader.0.0

Hyper Light Drifter:


Some games that were made in Game Maker have made millions Due to their incredible story, style, and game mechanics. A lot of the games are also made by single creators, meaning they had no team members or employees, but they just made the game, their assets and the story up by themselves. Sometimes creators use Game Maker to make games for a hobby, but others use this tool for their gaming career, spending hours on end working on assets, planning and creating their game to get the best possible outcome for people to really enjoy. This program is available for anyone with access to a computer or a laptop. From previewing the controls of the program, it’s easy and very clear with just some help in a simple tutorial or hint. If you are unable to obtain Photoshop but want to make a pixel art game, there is an easy way of creating sprites, objects and backgrounds within the game without the hassle of trying to find a separate digital program to create all the assets for it. If you do have the access ability of Photoshop, then you are able to create assets using the program and saving them as a PNG file, as it’s the most compatible file that works with Game Maker well. With Game Maker, it is also easy to locate mistakes and correct them while testing the game to preview mechanics or functions. This makes the program quick and easy to use if you was on a time limit for creating your product.

Game Design Document

Game Overview

Our game is based on a fictional story created by my team on Ada Lovelace, Ada Lovelace Is in search of any calculations which could help her with the creation of Charles Babbage’s analytical engine. Ada Lovelace figures out that there are some Ancient Egypt calculations with could help her and Charles in perfecting the analytical engine. As Ada travels to Egypt in search of these inscriptions, she comes across an unsolved Egyptian mathematical equation with she successfully solves but, with a price. Ada Lovelace is unwillingly dragged into the underworld in the presence of horrific mythical creatures and souls. Ada has to use her skills and bravery to free herself from this deathly realm.

The Goal of the Game

The player has to lead Ada Lovelace using her still and strength to freedom from all the monstrous threats and roaming spirits.

            Movement and controls

A= move back
D= move forward
Space= Jump



Egyptian gods


Egyptian traps
decaying interior structure

Gaps in flooring




Levitation stone slabs