Game sound analysis



When it comes to fez, it is a game that uses a lot of sounds to express and make the impression of actions and features in the game.

Here is a video of some gameplay:


For example, when you jump in fez the sound that’s given is a small low tone and then becomes higher in pitch. This only lasts for a few seconds when you press the jump button. Used in many other games the low to high pitch or the low/high/low pitch is so commonly used that everyone has familiarized themselves with the sound. It is usually is interprets as the sound of a character in a game, mainly jumping, hopping or falling. The sound is an expressive sound making you feel lifted on your feet when the tone raises up. This sound can also express the sense of gravity within the game making it feel more realistic despite the concept or theme of the game. This sound is also impressionistic because a real jump does not make that low to high pitch jumping noise that you always hear in games. It is an impression of a jump making it easier to understand if there is a limited sound range to use.

Other sounds present within Fez are the sounds of certain platforms you walk or run across. Examples of this can be the grass you walk on or the wooden bridges you go across. The sounds are different for a different floor material, when on a wooden surface the sound impression if that of a soft clunk which expresses the sound of a wood substance. As for grass, the sound impression is that of a rustle, this gives the feel of feet rustling and moving in grass, movable material or foliage. The sound of rustling gives the player that vibe feeling of being able to feel what is in the environment within the game. These sounds are more of an impression because it relates to the real sounds that these objects make, this is because they actually exist unlike star wars light sabers or the sound of alien shrieks.

The choices the creator made for the sounds are very effective because it makes the game feel and sound realistic and atmospheric. The sounds give off a background or a sense of not being the only thing to concentrate on during the game. It also paints a picture of the game’s environment and changes a person’s emotions to make them feel like the game is real in a way.

To produce the sounds that were present with the game the creator used a number of techniques to get the sounds he needed. For example with the movement of grass, the background bird chirps he used Foley art which is the technique of producing and recording sounds with the use of objects or sounds found in everyday life. For the bird chirps, he would go outside to record them, for the shuffling of grass he would go outside and record the sound of him walking on grass or would use items around that he could use to make a similar sound such at cereal or maybe a piece of carpet. For the music and themes he used in the game he could go onto an 8-bit sound generator and make sounds to use and combined to make the themes.

When the creator of Fez made his game, he wanted the game to sound a feel realistic with a little bit of emotion and atmosphere. He wanted to make the game feel more real and he also wanted to emphasize the emotion he displayed through the abnormal sounds effects and music. Choosing these methods, the creator of Fez has a huge range of sounds and music to choose from and create, using the ones he feels best explains him. He must have done his research on sounds in previous games and people’s responses to these as he has used a range of memorable sounds and music pieces that are loved by many.

Mega Man 2


Gameplay link:

In the 90’s game Mega man 2, there is a very limited use of sound, but used in a way to make it very effective. The game is based around futuristic robotic humanoids, so, the genre of sounds are more futuristic bleeps, whooshes, landing and shooting sound effects. With a simple yet catchy backdrop theme, the use of sound is very effective for its limit. The weapons use expressive sound effects as they are futuristic and fictional, meaning they can’t be found in real life. The Jumping is also expressive as it makes a sound when the protagonist rises in the air. When you jump in real life you don’t make a sound until you hit the ground, but they use this expression to help the player understand that the character is rising in the air. The Landing sound the protagonist makes is an expression and impression, meaning to signify the clunk or chime of metal hitting a surface, but it’s also an expression of a sound as there is a limit to the type of sound the console can display/output.

This way of using the limited amount of sounds is also effective because of the 8-bit style, it can be used to create different genres of music and sound effects. The sounds made within the game have the effect of bleeping lasers which usually represent a futuristic weapon or, some type of futuristic device.

Pixel 8-bit redubbing

In this task, I was asked to redub 30 seconds of a video clip what was provided. The redub needed to be in 8-bit using We needed also add music into the background as well using a free sound website which is linked here:

On BFXR we started we choose a sound from the following options:

  • Pickup/Coin
  • Laser/Shoot
  • Explosion
  • Power Up
  • Hit/Hurt
  • Jump
  • Blip/ Select
  • Randomise
  • Mutation


From there, we would use the changes options in synth and listened to are sound each time to see the change and what needs to be different. If you wanted to change square duty or duty sweep you will need your sound to have square selected at the top of synth.


With the mixer, you are able to mix sounds together and reverse them to get the mix you need. You are able to add up to five sounds to mix together, for this you will need to go into the select bar that is in the columns, then you will need to click on the blank selecting bar choose one of the many sounds that you have created. And then just mix and reverse until you get your finished sound.


Once you have your finished sound, you want to go to export wave and select, export all waves and then you name the file and place the file in a document where you need it and just save.



Then you want to open up adobe premiere, then drop and drag your clip you are working from into the timeline. Then what you need to do is calculate the 30 seconds from the part of the clip you have chosen. Using the tool that looks like a razor blade, you cut the unwanted parts of the clip and then using the select tool and deleting them. You will also need to do this to the sound part of the clip on the audio timeline, the audio timeline follows the video timeline and you will need to keep the sound from the 30 seconds for editing so you can follow the clip. This will allow you to follow on with the sound of speech, this will also help you to redub the speech as precise as possible.


For adding sounds into your clip you just need to drag and drop your sound into the audio timeline, this is under the video timeline. From there you will need to follow on with the clip and move the sound to the part of the clip it needs to be in.


On the left-hand side of your screen, you will have an option box which will store what you have already placed inside the two timelines, which means you don’t have to pace back and forth to get the clips and sounds you need.


Once you are finished redubbing the 30-second video and removed the original audio from the clip, you will need to go into the file option, then export and click on the media option. This will come up with the export settings for your work. You will need to go to the bottom left-hand side and change the source range settings from work area to the entire sequence option. On the right-hand side, you will need to change the format to H.264 and the Present to HD1080p-29.97. After you have done that you just place it in a file you are saving it in and name the file and then you can export your finished work.


I found this task very enjoyable for a new subject to learn, this task has helped me for my future career. When I will make my animation, this task has shown me how applying sounds works and its effect on what’s being shown. I will discuss what when well and what I could have done better.

I found applying the sounds to movements quite easy as all I needed to do was to follow the clip along and place them in the right part of the timeline. I was able to easily move where the clip is and to place and cut things. I did well on placing the sounds at the right moments within the clip, but what I could have done better was to add a whole range of sounds to the clip, instead of just reusing the few I made.

I found making the sounds to be a little difficult as I only had an amount of time to complete this task, also that I found mixing and creating the sounds was a little difficult. But this site that I used, I could use in the future for other self-made or work related projects. Next time I do a take like this I will take a little time to think of what sounds and want and take more time to also make them sounds as well.

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