My Evaluation of feedback

I got a lot of good feedback from people about how to improve my game. My game was tested and played by a variety of people who gave me the thoughts in comments. I will now discuss my views on their comments such as agreements, disagreements, and other matters

My game

For this task, I was asked to create a game In Game Maker Studio. This game would be based on the research and two subjects we were given at the beginning of this term. My game was in the genre of ancient Egypt and starred Ada Lovelace as the main protagonist. Ada needed to find her way out of the underworld after she fell into a portal that was created after and Egyptian mathematical equation was solved by her.
For my expectations for this game I was expected to include, sounds for characters jumping/music and projectiles, enemies that were able to hurt the character, a life system so the protagonist wouldn’t die instantly, a start screen to start the game, a game over screen for when the protagonist perishes so you can restart or exit the game, Projectiles, collectables, paths for the enemies to move and doors to take the protagonist to a different room.

One challenge from the game

One of the challenging parts of my game was the two room escape, this was where you had to get both characters to the end of the room to the door to complete the level which, ends the game. This was hard because in the rooms in which both had the protagonist were different in platform and enemy placement. This meant you would have had to keep a look out for both characters because if one of them was to get hurt, both versions of the protagonist would be placed at the beginning of the room. This level had to make you think on how to direct both versions of the protagonist to the end of the room avoiding the obstacles and getting to the same destination.

Did it turn out how I envisioned it?

Due to the first file of the game corrupting, and that I had to remake a lot of game. This game did not turn out how I envisioned it at all, The game was very small in visual size, Some of the controls were very buggy including platforms and enemies, the protagonist was very limited to what they could do and the enemies were indestructible. If I didn’t have a time limit and if the first game file didn’t corrupt, I would have had a much more enjoyable and functional game.

Why would the audience consume my product?  

In the current state, my game is quite buggy and not as enjoyable to play but, it’s something that I can build from. If the game had turned out how I envisioned it, the audience reasons for consuming my product would be; an employable gameplay, strong story/ plot and genre, the artistic style of the game and the history surrounding the elements of the game such as the protagonist, Ada Lovelace and the antagonist Tutankhamun. In the current state of this game, I could use what I got as a beta for if I was to continue with production. For people to test the game and express the views to help me make my game more enjoyable, just like what I did here. It’s also a way for me to experience what making a game is like, this can there for help my confidence when producing another game or project like this.

What is my products message?

As the protagonist is Ada Lovelace, It’s to present her past work and aspirations in mathematics and her work with the analytical engine. But as shown in the game, it’s to make up a little interesting story to portray the real life Ada Lovelace but placing her character in a fictional adventure. As Egyptians were also found to be one of the first people to use mathematics in the ancient times, it’s sort of like a fun way to portray human history in a fun and interesting game.

What audio/visual/interactive problems did I encounter during the production and post -production process?


for the audio in my game I can across an issue when placing sounds, I had made into the game, when placing the sounds in the game, the sound would work the first time but would then stop the game playing and display the error. The reason the error came up was because the sound files where not in a compatible format. For the file to be in a compatible format for my game I needed to take the file into audacity and change the file type to be compatible.

People’s feedback

for this game, I needed to collect information on people’s views on the game on what I could improve in the future, what people liked about the game, and what people liked about the controls.

questionnaire part 1 picturequestionnaire part 2 picturequestionnaire part 4 picture

Game Evaluation

Creating a game was a new challenge and was a hard one at that, although I did enjoy creating this game and creating the elements and design. I will discuss the parts of the game that when well, parts of the game that could have been better and express how some of my mistakes were solved.

What went well?

This was my first time making a functional game and I did well for a first-time game developer. Although I did come across a lot of challenges while making this game I tried different methods to fix these mistakes. One of the things that did go well when developing this game was the visual colour scheme, as the game had started off inside a dark tomb presenting the colours like dull and murky browns and greens.  Also with the protagonist and enemies, as the protagonist needed to stand out, she was drawn in a light blue dress to contrast with the greeny brown tones. As the enemies needed to somewhat blend in with the environment but they still needed to stand out to be noticed as a form of interaction. Other such items like collectables, doors, and projectiles also needed to contrast with the background to let the player know that is a form of interaction. This is the colour form of what did go well within the game I had produced.