Hansel and Gretel Interactive eBook

For Term one I was asked to create an Interactive eBook on the story of Hansel and Gretel. For this, I have created an interactive eBook with my own drawings for the imagery, using Adobe InDesign to create my eBook and publish it on Adobe Content Viewer, now I am evaluating my work and thinking about, the research, what skills I needed, improvements that can be made, what went well and what was hard or easy.

At the beginning, I needed to conduct primary and secondary research on Interactive eBooks and what makes them. Stuff like the difference between primary and secondary research, Interaction, what people expect in an eBook, the people that would use an eBook, the age of people that read or listen to eBooks, where you would Find, obtain or buy one, what digital piece of technology would you use the eBooks on, what people’s opinions and tastes are for an eBook, the research that other people have conducted and what makes it different to yours, surveys, the story and the use of imagery like making mood boards and colour pallets. All this research needs to be conducted before any attempts of making an eBook are made. This research will help you plan out the best type of eBook that you can make, helping you make a design document or style guide. Design documents will be the pipelines of the eBook, how the buttons and other interactions will be used, the overview, who it’s aimed at. Style guides being what style you make them. Will the eBook look vintage or will it be futuristic, what typeface will you use, what colour palate will you use, what art style will be used for the imagery?
Using people’s opinions, Likes or dislikes gives you an insight into what makes people interested.

In the media industry the roles of making an interactive eBook can be used for jobs like; Wed designers when it comes to making websites and the navigations for these sites, games when it comes to navigation and drawing and programming skills (the use of Photoshop or Illustrator), making apps with navigation, buttons, artwork, usage on technology. All these skills can prepare me for all these types of jobs, it would work extremely well in my CV giving me a list of skills to show interviewers and make them more interested in hiring me. It will branch out my skills in what I am capable of creating and give me more options on what I can do in the future.

To complete the work for the deadline, I would stay at college for any extra time to continue with work, doing work at home that is easy to access, asking for help whenever I needed it, going over what I had done with tutors to ensure that I was on target. I would also plan out time that I have available to continue with work as well.

For safety when working on this project I would keep any food and drink substances away from my workspace and tools. I would ensure my bags were not a tripping hazard to anyone who came over to view my work or walk past me. I would make sure that no wires were left about for anyone to trip on.

Unfortunately, I had no audio present in my eBook which could be an improvement for if I was to continue developing my eBook or if I was to make another one. Although I did work on some audio for my eBook which would also give me skills in jobs. I made Foley sounds for stuff like fire, or I would record the sound and to listen to any contamination of the recorded sound. Recording or sounds could be used in a wide range of digital content, I could record my voice for if I was making a Podcast, voice recording for a character, Foley and sound effects for games, films, audiobooks and so much more. For Foley, I would use a range of items with different textures and materials to create sounds that I would have used in my eBook. I could use cereal in my hands to create the sound of someone eating, crunchy foil to make the sound of crackling fire. These sounds would put the person reading the story into the atmosphere of what is happening and make it feel more real.

For the visual side of my work, I used what is known as semiology. This is sort of a way that we interpret signs. So for example; since my story is a little sad at the beginning, I made the cottage that Hansel and Gretel live in seem dull and gloomy, but when I came to the part of the story that has the gingerbread house in, I made the gingerbread house seem colourful and made the colours look edible, this use of the colours when it came to the gingerbread house lowered you into a false sense of security because even if the house looked tasty, there lived an Evil old witch who had devilish plans. This type of semiology is the use of colour signs, for example; green could be; good, safe, the taste of green foods, accomplished feeling. As red means; evil, danger, love, hot, blood or just a more alarming feel.

If I was to change the story of my eBook let’s say if I was to make the story in the genre of a horror, I could add an atmospheric sound or piece of music to make the reader feel tense, if I was to make the story more of a fantasy genre I would add more mythical type of sounds to make the reader feel like they were in a land of mythical creatures, beings and powers.

If I was to change the semiology visual side of my eBook, I could make the evil step mums panels or pictures more in the tones of reds and yellows to express her anger and how alarming or frustrating it can be when talking to the character. Or if I was to change the panels or pictures of Hansel and Gretel more in the tones of blues and purples when they are lost, it could give the sensation of being in a dark and cold atmosphere alone or scared.

For the research I had conducted when it came to the environment of my interactive eBook, I looked for lots of images of sugary foods like sweets and pastry’s for a tasty and vibrant environment, for the woods I looked up pictures that would include a range of forest like atmospheres. I looked up this research on the internet and even visited a sweet shop to view and investigate the colours and looks of bright coloured sweets. I had also come across a woodland park near the college to view the trees and greenery. I had used my drawing skills for drawing out the imagery and reusing some of my drawn images and just tweaking them in the eBook, using other methods like copying and pasting the boxes to insert my words or images in the eBook so I didn’t have to keep making them. I would also organise files so it would become easier and faster to find them. Also figuring out what programs would allow me to manage the time I had for the project.

The resources I used in this project was extremely useful. Without them, I could make something that could still have the floors that people could have already mentioned in other eBooks before. They also helped me to understand the project more and helped me to piece together the plans to create my eBook. This helped me build skills in planning and researching when making an app and this also gave me the skills of creating an app.

In the future, I plan to research all kinds of ways people plan their products and use that method to come up with my own unique and better that my previous attempted of research.