1.1 Compare a range of critical perspectives that influence the analysis of creative media production activities / 1.2 Apply knowledge of critical perspectives to the analysis of a range of creative media production activities

Photo manipulation

Photo manipulation is now being used in almost all types of advertisement, especially in products for the skin. But just like it says in the title, digital editing is manipulating people into thinking that whatever product is being sold actually works.

In these two images of the female models, the editors have changed the face in the image so they would remove what they call ” imperfections “. The editors would use programs like Adobe Photoshop to edit and manipulate the photos. They will use this to Make the women in these Images look how a lot of people would think as perfection and how the company would like their product effects to be presented. Getting rid of bumps or freckles gives the look of pure clear skin, brightening the eyes makes them look full of life and making them look like there clear as crystal. Getting rid of any creasing, blemishes or wrinkles in the skin also says something about how as a culture we are obsessed with youth. They are abusing the use of representation because for the model on the right they have brightened up her skin. This is misleading because it does not show her true ethnicity.

The problem it poses when manipulating a photo is that making these models look perfect in every aspect is wrong. This sends out the message that this is meant to be the perfect standers that most women should look up too, making a lot of woman worry or becoming self-conscious about their own complexion. This will make them buy more of the advertised products to give them the so called desired look, which in doubt doesn’t always work.

The reason why this practice is so common now is because it sells more, now these days it’s more about presentation than the truth. The better the presentation, the more it is going to sell, The more people will be interested because of the perfect look. With holidays, if you were to take a picture of a place and they just show it to someone looking for a holiday, The person looking for the holiday would see it but not show much interest. If you were to manipulate the photograph to make it look brighter and more vibrant or cleaner, it will catch their eyes and make them feel like that’s a place they have to visit because of its pure beauty.

Here are some examples of photo manipulated locations.

There are many techniques used in photo manipulation, there’s using warping tools to
change shape and proportion to the Image, filters to change the colour and tone of an Image, You can change the hue or contrast of an Image, You can get the same picture in a few layers and change the colour and opacity to make different effects, You can make multiple exposures of the same negatives, using combination painting (HDR) with 2 negatives to create an Image. You can even add other image items and place them In a photo, Manipulating them so they blend in with the environment or the Image. There so much you can do to manipulate and image your Limit is your imagination.

Sometimes you don’t even have to use adobe Photoshop or any other manipulation program to manipulate a photograph. People that also work in dark rooms can also manipulate an image with different techniques, this has been around for many years.


Semiology is a way in which us human’s intemperate signs, this also varies from nation to nation. This semiology can come in a range of categories from images to colour.

With colours, there is a huge range of ways to interpret them.


  • The negatives being; Danger, blood, warning, war, the devil, people with brain injuries will begin to perceive red long before they see any other colour, anger, aggression, red traffic lights, violence, death, revolution and staining.
  • The positive being; love, strawberries, apples, cherries, raspberry’s, cranberry’s, heat, boldness, independence, action, dynamism, energy, speed/excitement, courage, strength, roses/ romance, poppies/ remembrance, Christmas, Rudolph, holly, valentines, red planet mars, ruby, character colours, red head, and autumn colours.


  • The negative being: sadness, depression, cold, aloof, immoral, chilling, sometimes dark, loneliness, mourning, feeling blue, blue in the face, poisonous and frustration.
  • For both: out of the blue, blue cheese
  • The positive being: earth, skies, calmness, serenity, breathable, trust, security, success, power, formal colour, royal, water, blue eyes, fresh, blueberries, blue plums, forget-me-nots (remembrance, Alzheimer’s disease) and cornflower ( wealth, prosperity, fortune, friendship)


  • The negative being: cowardice, deceit, betrayal, illness, jaundice, faithlessness, unrequited love, hazard and emergency.
  • The positive being: cheerfulness, happiness, optimism, hope, awareness, alertness, wisdom, intelligence, sunlight, lemons, bananas, vanilla, honeydew melon, butter, daffodils, sunflowers, blond, sand, autumn colours, gold, canaries, yellow apples, transport, peace, remembrance, yellow brick road, brightness, aluminise, cheese, honey.

Those are colours but there are also images and symbols.
international-warning-symbols-flammable-material-w1546-ba This sign is widely known for showing that whatever this sign is on is flammable. This is show by the imagery of violent flames. This sign has been mostly know to be placed on Lorries that contain flammable substances like fuel and human waste. They have also been place on labels of clothing and materials. This image will also be found on toiletries such as deodorants and fragrance cans.



biohazard-warning-symbolThis signs image may not be of something like a real life object, but we have familiarised ourselves with this logo to mean that something is dangers, unsafe, toxic or contagious.






Signs don’t have to be a real object as we have grown for familliares areselfs with patterns and logos to catagorise what is labeled and what it will mean. We see signs everywhere without knowing it. We use signs everyday and we are creating more as we learn and develope.


Compare a range of critical perspectives that influence the analysis of creative media production activities.

Colour Theoryspirited-away-colour-pallete-cropped

This is a scene from Studio Ghibli spirited away. In this scene, you have a range of friendly, soft and warm colours. This scene has a sunset feel to the timeline of the film. None of the colours are bright and dramatic as the colours are more soft and gradient as they blend together making a warm winter effect. The use of colours and tones make this scene look very realistic for a cartoon film but works really well with the aspect. This realism is not too different to the cartoon making a very well mix as the colours are not too dominant within the scene.

With the use of these warm winter colour’s you can use these colours to make a completely different message if you want to make a scene or image with these colours. You could use the blues to make a cold or sad effect within the image and you could use the warm colours for you could make a desert-like scene or use them for colours of sunlight within a room.

These colours would not work if you was to use them in a scene with foliage because of the lack of green tones. These colours for the scene are used for the sky and the reflection in the water that makes this scene every effective.

1.3 Apply knowledge and understanding of critical perspectives to support own practice

Design Document: Hansel and Gretel


A children’s Interactive E-book made in InDesign, based on a version of Hansel and Gretel for mobile and tablet. The E-book will aim towards children aged 3-5, coloured imagery to appeal to a younger audience. The language of the story aims to be understood by a 3-5-year-old’s . Although based on the traditional tale of child abandonment this version explains how the children work together to overcome disaster.


The eBook will contain buttons, sounds, pages and links. The Links will be to books of the story or other tales.

Information Architecture:

eBook page, plan design/ diagram (Something like the layout for a website)

Wire frame:


A drawn out plan of what everything looks and how it functions. (Where buttons go, where there placed, how they react.)


Written out plan.


Written simplified plan.



This interactive eBook will be opened on the platforms Android and IOS (for mobiles and tablets).


Resolution and Ratio:
File types/ compatibility:


A prototype on the story little red riding hood to learn how to use InDesign and see what options we have for


Style guide

Background/ backdrops:

  • The art style of the background

The eBook uses a couple of different backgrounds. The introduction page (also the start-up page) has a background based on a scroll of paper. This emphasizes the traditional nature of the story. The main body of the story uses a book background, which emphasizes the links to traditional media for the eBook.

  • Parts of the background I could make interactive
  • Stuff I can make viewable in the background in the background

Buttons used for moving around the eBook

Each page has a bookmark. That means that the user can flip between pages. This also makes more links between the eBook and traditional paper based books.

However, there are also other buttons. There is a ‘biscuit’ button which is the home button (the theme of biscuits is used throughout the eBook as the ‘crumbs’ in the story are biscuits and so are the arrow forward and back gingerbread buttons).



All these dark colours that you would find in an autumn settings or an in-depth coloured illustration.


For the body text of my book, I will be using Arial Black, for an example:


The text is a bold and clear text that is hard to miss. This will get the child audience to focus on the words more. Will be easier on children or adult readers with poor vision.

Font size:

The font I will be using will need to be considerably large, the font needs to be clear enough to see but not too big to take too much room up on the page. The font needs to be big enough for people with poor vision has a chance to read the book so if a parent’s where to be reading to their children. Cannot be too small otherwise, people might have trouble reading the content and there might be too much text on a page for a child to read.

Because of this, I will be using font size 14 because it’s clearer to read and see. As you can see in this example the font is big enough and clear to read.





An Idea for Icons was to make some look like biscuits and some look like other elements in the story. Some of the biscuits can look eaten to make it look like the characters from the story has been eating some of the buttons or anything around to environment. Since the book background.

2.1 Critically compare a range of contexts within which creative media technology and production are situated

This infographic shows the sectors within digital media. It shows the structure of the industry and how the different sectors connect.


This is a diagram of media and its many categories. This shows you the types of media there are and who makes it and who uses it.This was very informative as I did not realise how big the media industry is. I have learned that there is much more to media than you expect. I have also learned the connections with some of these types of media.

A lot of the information was easy to find and explain but there was just one or two that I did have trouble with because I was not familiar with the category but once it was explained to me it became easy to understand and explain in this infographic. If I was to make this better I would have included more information about the media.

2.2 Apply an understanding of a range of contextual parameters to support own creative development

Interactive story comparison

Façade is an Interactive story game where you are in the position of a character of any name you select and your friends Trip and Grace have invited you around a house for a visit, you are able to type to the characters and talk to them and you dive deeper into their relationship troubles. Whatever you say can lead you to multiple endings and even is the game is a little buggy at times it can make a good interactive story. This game is an downloadable which you are able to download from these links: http://www.interactivestory.net/ and https://facade.secursoft.net/?network=ContentSearch&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=UK%3A%20Games&utm_term=Free%20download%20Facade&utm_content=facade.

The game was made in 2005 and it was created by both Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern and it was in development for five years. The game was made for people who like to play games with different endings and for over the ages of 12 and 15 due to some of the adult content present in the game. This game when played can give off a vibe which shows that if you talk to someone when there having problems, there always something they are hiding that they will need help with. Or they need to admit something that they have been keeping away. The colours tones and images in this game are plane but that misleads you because of how deep the characters story can be, a story doesn’t have to be that detailed to hide a big meaning.


This interactive story is different to Façade because one, it’s not a game and two its base off of a real life person names Rebecca with her own story. As Façade is a game where you type to uncover the ending, this interactive story is based on a girl and who she is, this story is more of a clickable interaction. As you can walk around in Façade in a face 3D modelled room, in this story you are introduced to a 3D roaming image of the house of Rebecca’s and are able to do a little quiz to see what the house is made out of. There are other little quiz’s like this to inform you about her and in her life as well as some little videos. As Façade was to entertain people this story is a charity Interactive story run by Comic Relief. This can be for people of all ages who want to help with the charity. Sometimes scrolling through this story can be hard when you want to go back to a page so they should have added a back arrow to the top of the page. Even if this story is a little upsetting it shows how bright and alive the story is and how everyone always tries to be strong and happy even in the worse of times.