1.1 Locate, access and use information to support own development

My Digital Match


Creative Dynamo

To help me develop my understanding of my skills and job roles, I took the BBC Digital Matchr questionnaire. The questionnaire allowed you to pick either a male or female character and you go through a storyline. The storyline was that you were thinking of making a game with a few other team members and the questions were choices or situations that did not have a wrong answer. You would lead your team, the creation of this game by having selectable answers like ” continue developing ideas or make sure everyone is okay or needs help.”

After answering all the questions, we were given a result. My result was “creative dynamo”. We then looked at the information about this result and what job roles we would work well in, the amount of money you could receive in payment and so on. The result also gave me a little definition like ” artistic yet focused—rare combinations. You’re a marmalade and tuna sandwich.” or ” You make people feel calm and better about themselves.”


For the job roles, it gives you a list of what jobs you would be suited to. If you click on these they will give you a range of online sites to show you more information about your job role and what you can do.

For these results I found a few connections to was I want in my future career but it did not have a lot of job roles and skills that I would personally look for. The main subjects that came up for a creative dynamo were more of in the line of apps and mobile development, I was hoping to see the categories animation, game art, concept artist and others, because this is where my skills and interests are.

Production Company

For our production company, we Listed our skills and our digital match label and in our class we informed each other of these two things and had a discussion on our skills and what teams could be made. We got into production company from the information we presented, so for my label, I had Creative Dynamo. So I had skills of drawing, games development, apps making and more. A few others on my team had stuff like photography, Digital arts, blog starts and more.

We started to create our production company, we gave ourselves a company name which we named, Dimensional Arts.

Here is a link for the type of digital matches: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3ffwMDKyxrPYdVDhbgWLbvd/digital-matchr-profiles 

Link to my results and info: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3jrVRhf1QyQ030KFt1nm2ym/digital-match-creative-dynamo


2.1 Critically evaluate a range of working practices and methods



When I first started to research this film, I didn’t realise the extent of the team that contributed towards making this film. I was quite surprised on the amount jobs used in the film and what type of jobs that were used.

For finding this information it was a little hard, but with a little help it became easier to find the information, and was quite surprised to see familiar actors within the film too.

I think I did well with laying the information out, but I could have talked more about what the job roles that people do with the diagram or included the other smaller groups of job roles that people had in the film.

Digital Design and Animation Tool Box

The following infographic shows a tool box for digital media, this will show you just a few of the tools used in digital design and animation jobs and what they can be used for. This tool box will also show you a little insight into what these tools do.


I used draw.io to create this diagram and I had to research what the programs are and what they do, some programs there was no need to me to research since I had come across and used these programs before. For the other programs, it was a little hard to research them but I got there in the end. I could have made the spider diagram a little less messy but apart from that this looks good.

 Production Pipelines

These are production pipelines for games and apps comparing the differences and similarities in production processes.

When in comes to research there are quite a lot of differences between the two but for some of the similar questions. looking up or making surveys are similar forms of research. You will just be asking different questions. the creating is different as well as a game has a lot of program from menus to character animations, cut scenes to maps and useable items. Apps have to be programmed with pages, buttons, animations for any buttons or other items in an app. distribution is different as well.

I could have made these more detailed with more information about research and creating. I did well with making this neat and understandable. I could have given the game and app a category like a free roaming game or a book app.

2.2 Apply knowledge of working practices to support own development

Using the information in the tasks above, I created a template CV that shows relevant skills that would help me get a job in my chosen area.

Curriculum Vitae

Danielle Soulsby

Personal Information

Home-number: ***************

Mobile number: **************

Email: ******************yahoo.com

Date of Birth: **/**/**


  • Digital drawing
  • 3Ds max
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign

Personal qualities:

  • Punctuality
  • Teamwork

Work Experience:

  • Amicus Horizon: painting and decorating
  • Saatchi Gallery Competition: two submissions
  • Romney Marsh outside art piece idea
  • Sea Point Canoe Centre: creation of logo for their website


2009 – 2014 Abbey School, Faversham

2014 – Present day Canterbury College

I studied Art Level 1 and Art and Design Level 2.  I earned 2 distinctions in both levels. Now, I’m studying Level 3 Media Digital Design and Animation.



GCSE Mathematics E

GCSE Design Technology D

GCSE Textiles C


Art and Design Level 1 Distinction


Art and Design Level 2 Distinction

IGCSE English D

Mathematics: Functional Skills Level 1


Keen interest in graphic art, at the planning stages of an animation with a deep Interest in 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation. Also interest in character design, development and story righting.

Career Aspirations

To become a professional animator and cartoonist.

3.1 Organise self and work to meet deadlines and targets / 3.2 Demonstrate consideration and professionalism in working with others

Please see the link below for evidence of this criteria: