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year 2 week 5

Key framing right up

In this, my group was experimenting with key frames by using green screen recordings. These green screen recordings were remakes of the terminator police scene, in which myself and a group acted out the clip and recorded it. In this I will explain what went well, what could have been better and how I could use this in the future.

For this, we started to review the police station scene of the terminator film and was commenting on who will play what role, we had also discussed what we could use to recreate the scene and what we will need to improvise.



year 2 week 4

year 2 week 3

Analyses of everything is a remix and my understanding 

Remix, to combine and edit existing materials to conjure up something new. This can be used with any type of material, from songs/music to films, Images, and inventions. Everything was almost in a way been copied, combined and even to an extent transformed.
Examples of these adaptations can be found everywhere, from the beat in a song or music piece to films and stories. Like the Avengers, a comic series that was readapted into a movie. If you look at both designs of Captain America from the comic to the actor who played him within the latest film (2014/17). You can visualize the striking similarities and the change and combined aspects. This includes the designs of elements within the film, from the style of technology to the placement of events.
Within music pieces, a huge range of classic and widespread songs have the same 4 notes, played for the main beat. Examples of this are Journey – “Don’t Stop Believin'”, James Blunt – “You’re Beautiful” and The Black Eyed Peas – “Where Is the Love”. a music event that contained 3 members played and showed a huge range of these famous songs had the four cord rhythm.

Year 2 week 1

This is year 2 of my course and here I will display an updated timeline of what I have gained in knowledge so far.

Time line year 2 final

This timetable represents all the topics and programs that I have learnt about during the first year of this course. Each image has been given a small description of what

Year 2 week 2

Animation in after effects

In this, I wanted to experiment with the animation feature within adobe after effects. To do this, I will create a small animation of the game pong which will be displayed on an image of a 90’s television set.

I started by making a document on after effects, in the size of 1280×720 or known as 720p. I also changed the frame rate to 30/29.98 frames per second and opened up the document. You will need to ensure that your background is black for the white elements to be placed on top, if the background is not the right colour then you will need to go to the top of the program to the composition/ composition settings and change the colour of your background. The next step was to go up to the settings again to layer and then press new layer, the new layer will need to be a shape layer. The fill of the shape will need to be changed to white, to ensure that the shapes will be white you will need to go to fill which is shown on the toolbar at the top of your viewing screen. you will then need to go back to the tool bar to select the shape tool which is found next to the pen and text tools, ensure that the shape tool is set to create a square and that it has sharp edges, then draw out a rectangle on side of the canvas. You will them need 3 shapes in white, one on each layer. 2 layers will need to consist of a rectangle panel, one needs to be of a smaller square.


(Arrojas, 2017)

If you are familiar with the Atari game pong, you will know that pong is one of the most classic/first games to be playable on TV. As a commercial success in 1972. Pong is like ping pong in which you use a ping pong bat to hit a ball to the other player. The one who hits the ball to the opposite player and that player misses, they get a point. So it’s basically like air hockey on a game console with added sound effects.

(Uknown, Unknown)



Final major project week 7

Animation process

In this, I will go through what I am doing to create my three animations. I will explain what tools within the programs I use, how some of these tools will help me for my target explorations, what I did for my animations and what principles I have in them and can use in them.

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Final major project week 6

Project PowerPoint

This Is a PowerPoint that I had made to present what I hope to accomplish within my exploration. I will display what I hope to learn, what I understand about my task, what genre and concept my work will be in and what I hope to make as a result of this exploration.

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Portfolio final draft

Year One Portfolio

final draft


Final major project week 5

Primary research

In this task, I will be performing primary research for my project. This research will be of movement of someone wielding a staff and I will analyze where elements of the 12 principles of animation can be found, can be placed or why people would place a method there within an animation.

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