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Unit 11

latest who am I 2

Figure 6

This is a presentation of who I am, it also shows how my interests now were influenced by past experimentation and interests. I will also explain how these interests will assist in the creation for my idea of my project.

For my who am I, I wanted to dive in a little more on how I became who I am today. So I explained how my interests and distaste for things moulded my profession today. As I now consider myself an animator in development, I decided on what started me on this path. When I generally look back I didn’t have a figure that I generally liked in all aspects. My general distaste came from the lack of articulation, likeness and quality of the figurines. I resorted to creating my own characters, or dolls, or figures of what I wanted. These would usually be made out of things from felt, to beads, pipe cleaners, pompoms and a lot more. This creativity and events/ task that happened through my life led me to start creating characters, and stories that led me to my desire to animate these.

As before, I had animated my characters for a previous project. I have also been animating characters a little on the side as well so I can perfect this in my own time. But still wanting to stretch out my creative aspects while working on something that is not quite as common knowledge to me. So what I have learned is, that I spend most of my time around characters, creating personality’s, looks and styles. That means that I haven’t spent much of my time with backgrounds and creating backgrounds for an animation which makes it my weakest point in my skill. So for this project, I want to do something on backgrounds in animation, whether is with a concept of a background, placement, rotation or perspective.

(Soulsby, 2017)

This is a much better and more clear version of my, “who am I” presentation, better presenting the deep and surface structure in which my personality and interests are moulded from. In previous projects, most of my, “who am I” presentations where incoherent lists of things about myself and did not fully present myself in a proper and more interesting way. For this one, I could have made the presentation a little more visually pleasing to the eye, but on another note the use of my personal work presenting my characters does show that I do generate my own illustrated characters. Other than that, the use of several bright colours against a black background shows that there is a bright and life filled side to my personality and work. Given the use of a dark background, you could say that that might show a deeper and mysterious part to my ideas and intentions when making my characteristic work, which could make for an unusual creator.

What did I learn on my course?

timeline 2 12-13 image

Figure 7

This is the newest update to what I have learned during these past 2 years. In this, I will show all of the subjects/ programs and information that I have learned so far, and I will explain why I am keeping track of what I’ve been learning and why this could help me.

Why would I need to do something like this for my project you may ask? Well this small insight into what I have learned allows me to see what I would like to use for my next project, whether it’ll be a program or method of information finding. When I first began this course, I didn’t even know the context to what the media industry was. I was completely blind and unaware of the vast depth of this Industry and just how much is had to offer. But from understanding the use of programs, audience research, team building to distribution and product making. I have to say that this was a course worth every second of my time and I will continue to delve deep into this industry more and more. Not only was the main context of the work provided and needed to complete tasks, but we also stopped for a few minutes to talk about what has been going on in the present media. Debating on what’s considered socially acceptable, what was morally wrong, what we understood about other people’s views on the matter and how it can make huge changes. From games that where recently released, to mishaps or actions of a well-known individual, or even the government’s plans. There was a vast amount of topics to present and discuss and it helped to build my knowledge about the media, how I express and display my work, how I debate and communicate about these subjects and even to how I present relating topics and information to those.

I can also see opportunities to experiment or generate ideas for how I could go along creating a project with a different medium, whether that’ll be via animation, 3D modelling, concept work/art/ idea and an interactive project. Even while I’m coming up with my latest project, I could come up and note small ideas on next projects that I could create using these. So after this task I could 3D model a character, or create a small game/ demo. I could even create my own website for my work.

My timeline does have a visually pleasing look, with visible dates and small but good notes about what I had done. Although the timeline is lacking the general timeline feel, as it seems to have a more calendar like visual with only two dates. The next time when I update the timeline, I will probably add more times to this timeline and maybe have the line visible along the side. That is so I can still fit in the small annotations of what I had accomplished in the tasks I had completed. It will also give this presentation a little more of a well-documented look.

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Portfolio unit 12

Danielle soulsby portfolio unit 12 draft 6

Danielle soulsby portfolio unit 12 draft 5

Danielle soulsby portfolio unit 12 draft 4

Danielle soulsby portfolio unit 12 draft 3

Danielle soulsby portfolio unit 12 draft 2

Danielle soulsby portfolio unit 12 draft 1

Year 2 term 1 / week 9

Creating the videos

This is the production of my Kung fury concept. The idea of this is to create a promotional video, promoting a new character that would be a part of the game. This promotional video will have elements of interactivity and will be made in adobe Photoshop and adobe after effects.

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Year 2 term 1 / week 8

Concept Paper and Design Document

In this, I will be planning out a character design for a game that will be a part of the Kung fury franchise. This will show a short bio of who he is, description of what will happen in the video being planned, talking about the audience demographic that will be interested in this concept and talking about where I would promote my work or start up funding.

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Year 2 term 1 / week 7

beat’em up write up


  1. What are the typical themes of the beat’em-ups or brawler genre of video games? How does your character/concept fit, adapt or subvert these themes? Why have you made this choice?

The typical themes found in beat’em-ups are, the 80’s, set on an urban setting, revenge or crime fighting themes. The Influence came from the Worriers or typical boxing matches, these games are usually presented as a side scrolling game with pixelated graphics, 8-bit sound effects and easy to identify actions. For my choice, my character concept will be that of an 8-bit character within a side scrolling environment, presenting moves like punches, weapon usage and idle actions.

  1. What is the appeal of these games? Why do you think people played them? Why would they play them now?

One of the appealing features for these types of video games were to make the controls easy to remember, that way the easy controls can spread to a wider audience and allow more people to play and have fun. That way they won’t get frustrated by how hard the controls are to use or memorise. There is also the method of making the game harder and of course giving hard core games all the more reason into giving up there time and money to beat it, making a competition between fans of the game to complete the game without dying and having the highest score. This form of making a competition between players created a huge amount of enjoyment and fun as what was programmed was not the only thing that kept people hooked on giving their time for these arcade games.

  1. What are the problems with the genre that the article identifies? How did developers respond to these problems in terms of gameplay, themes and characters?

In the early 90’s, the gaming era started to travel more towards 32-bit and 3D modelled games which declined the demand of 8-bit games and 8-bit gaming consoles. Beat’ em-ups where becoming quite unpopular due to the lackluster beat’em-up that where produced for the newly made consoles. Most of the classic beat’ em-ups where reprogrammed for the Sega Saturn, but unfortunately due to its unpopularity because of the successfulness of the PlayStation, it ended up almost depleting the demand for the old arcade consoles. Only one game on the Sega Saturn was deemed to be and innervation, Guardian Heroes was a master piece as it is one of the most popular games for the Sega Saturn and was deemed by fans to be one of the best beat’em-ups of all time.

  1. What are the key conventions/characteristics? How could you use these to develop your character/concept?



  1. What are the key gameplay elements? How could you convey some of these through your interactive promotional video?


  1. Identify examples cited in the article that could help you develop your character/concept? In what ways could they help inform your ideas?

(Gamerforlife, 2010)


(Unknown, Unknown)

My game can be described as an action game and I’m looking for an audience that will be interested in my game/ promotional video and concept. The Interest of the audience will be within the retro, Tron like, 80’s Miami based themes and the life style of these would be that of a gamer, who would have probably grown up within the 80’s to 90’s gaming era.

The audience profile for my game will feature those that like the film; are interested in games and the media department; likely to focus on humour; more likely to be male and more likely to be aged between 16 to 30 years; this person may already play Halo or super smash brothers. This person is likely to be somebody who owns a lot of games, and who spends a lot of their time playing, reviewing and blogging new games. Or those who like more than the AAA games and has an interest in indie games.

Crowd funding

(unknown, unknown)

When it comes to crowdfunding, most of the funders are male around the ages of 25-34 for Kickstarter, this type of information can help when figuring out your target audience or consumer if you are hoping to create a campaign. A huge portion of the funders is mainly college students, Kickstarter having the relatively well educated and wealthy funders. Indiegogo, on the other hand, isn’t far off the same stats but, Kickstarter has more of that stats that will assist me for if I was to need funds for my project.

Video games

Video games and their global consumption are increasingly growing at a fast rate, this is on all of the global software markets. For the UK’s game industry that gives them a lot more opportunities.

Games Like GTA V and Batman Arkham night where some of Britain’s successful, GTA V having an enormous sale which was only within the first 3 days of release and Batman Arkham night, which has won numerous awards and become Britain’s fastest selling game in 2015.

Online Video

The number of people who view and spend their time watching videos online is growing at an alarming rate. Most consumers access internet content via mobile device.


Age 30
Occupation Works in a game store.
Hobbies Into side scroll beat em’ ups and 80’s genre games. They are a big fan of the Kung fury film and game. They like to review side scroller games in their spear time.


Age 19
Occupation Part time job at a warehouse
Hobbies Like to create strange characters and bazaar stories in spare time, also love to play all types of video games and have a love for NES styled games and media. Is a big fan of the Kung fury game.


Year 2 term 1 / week 6

Project funding research

In this, I wanted to know about the funding processes and methods when producing a media product. This is from films and television to games and other, I will be explaining the methods of funding and the pros and cons of these.

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Year 2 term 1 / week 5


In this, my group was experimenting with keyframes by greenscreen recordings. These green screen recordings were remakes of the terminator police scene, in which myself and a group acted out the clip and recorded it. In this I will explain what went well, what could have been better and how I could use this in the future.

For this, we started to review the police station scene of the terminator film and was commenting on who will play what role, we had also discussed what we could use to recreate the scene and what we will need to improvise.

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Year 2 term 1 / week 4

Terminator intro

In this, I wanted to try and recreate the terminator intro using adobe after effects. When recreating this intro I will be giving it my own twist compared to the official one. This intro will be used for a future remake staring myself and a group.

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Year 2 term 1 / week 3

Analyses of everything is a remix and my understanding 

Remix, to combine and edit existing materials to conjure up something new. This can be used with any type of material, from songs/music to films, Images, and inventions. Everything was almost in a way been copied, combined and even to an extent transformed.

Examples of these adaptations can be found everywhere, from the beat in a song or music piece to films and stories. Like the Avengers, a comic series that was readapted into a movie. If you look at both designs of Captain America from the comic to the actor who played him within the latest film (2014/17). You can visualize the striking similarities and the change and combined aspects. This includes the designs of elements within the film, from the style of technology to the placement of events.
Within music pieces, a huge range of classic and widespread songs have the same 4 notes, played for the main beat. Examples of this are Journey – “Don’t Stop Believin'”, James Blunt – “You’re Beautiful” and The Black Eyed Peas – “Where Is the Love”. a music event that contained 3 members played and showed a huge range of these famous songs had the four cord rhythm.

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