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Year 2 term 1 / week

Creating the videos

This is the production of my Kung fury concept. The idea of this is to create a promotional video, promoting a new character that would be a part of the game. This promotional video will have elements of interactivity and will be made in adobe Photoshop and adobe after effects.

Animating sprites

I first started off by making a list of the sprites I would need to animate. Also in the list was elements that I would need to make in Photoshop that would be a part of the video.

  • Main background
  • Death background
  • Boss background
  • Walk animation
  • Gun animation
  • Fall animation
  • Surprise animation
  • Punch animation
  • Arcade animation
  • Idle animation

I would highlight what I had not started, what I’m in the middle of and what I had finished, in colours. So red showed that I hadn’t started the element, orange/yellow showed I was in the middle of producing it, and green showed that the element was complete. For the elements and the background, I would also need to size up the pixel drawn images so I had to calculate the images size and animations. Meaning That I would have to figure out what would be ¼ of that image/ animation.

398×224 Background

Upscaled: 1592×896 = x4

Video: 900P (1600×900) 25 FPS

Rendering: H.264 (MP4)


To start off, I created a canvas that was 1194 pixels by 224 pixels in Photoshop. This was because I needed the background to scroll from left to right in after effects. I would then change the brush into a 1 pixel by 1 pixel pencil, I will also do the same thing to the eraser. Then using the pencil, I would make a plan sketch that I would draw over.

bg snippit scroller 1

For my walls, I made them so they were a seamless texture, that way I was able to copy and paste the same tile without having to draw out all the individual blocks. Using certain colours that would connect with the colour palette. I drew out the 3 backgrounds, insuring that all free of them looked like they were a part of the same area.

tile snippet for wek 9

Using the layers system, I would do the lines first, then add colour under the lines. I was even able to break up the line work in case I needed to move certain parts. I was also able to draw elements for the animation into the same canvas to ensure they fit. I would then copying and paste them elements into a new canvas to green screen them and turn them into sized up images.

layers for packground

Also using the background, I was able to calculate what size canvas I would need for the animated sprites. I ended up with a 200 by 200 pixel canvas that I used for the animated elements, I used a 400 by 400 pixel canvas for the up close shots.

break away snip


walk cycle 1 snipwalk cycle 2 snipwalk cycle 3 snipwalk cycle 4 snipwalk cycle 5 snip


Year 2 term 1 / week 8

Concept Paper and Design Document

In this, I will be planning out a character design for a game that will be a part of the Kung fury franchise.

1. CONCEPT PAPER1. CONCEPT PAPERThe concept paper is a general overview of the project, its direction and main details. It should set out your general intentions for the product.

Synopsis (a brief overview including your character name, location, theme, motivation, antagonists etc.)

Miles is a very tall, 20 year old policeman who wants to know the reasoning behind everything around him. One day he is assigned with a partner to investigate a possible suspect of a drug trafficking case. The main suspect realises he’s under threat of being found out and sends out goons to stop Miles and his partner.

When Miles and his partner search through alleyways for the suspect location, they stumble across the goons who surround them and leave them with no way out. A fight break-out leaving Miles and his partner to fend for themselves, while the partner is pulling off moves that could be logically impossible, Miles is using logic by finding items that could be used as weapons, shields or hazards.

Background (explain the inspiration for the character and story – what has inspired the ideas? How does it relate to Kung Fury? How is your character suitable for this kind of game?)

Looking at Kung Fury and analysing it, I realised that the entire film has little to no context to its events and actions. Using this knowledge I have created a character that somewhat breaks the forth wall and always asks questions to these irrational moments. The Inspiration for this character was from my and others questioning of the films logic.

Description (explain the concept for your promotional video – how will you convey the personality of the character and their story?)

Character questions a lot within the video, job is shown a lot and character is in uniform.

Key Features (explain the unique features that set your character apart from others)

The key feature of my character that makes him unique is that he’s not as over exaggerated as most of the characters within the Kung Fury franchise. He questions anything that seems so over the top or out of the blue. Somewhat breaking the forth wall buy exclaiming how ridiculous that would be if it happened in real life. He also seems to be the most normal as his outfit is simple everyday-work wear, and doesn’t have anything on him that would make you question. He will be one of the tall range of characters as well, distancing himself from other bigger characters because of how over the top the larger characters are designed compared to Miles’s simplistic look.

Audience (explain who the character and promotional campaign is aimed at – age range, interests, attitudes, lifestyle [this should not simply be a description of you or people similar to you – it will be obvious if it is])

For my audience, I will aim towards the ages of 16-30 year old that are within mainly the male group. The Interest of the audience will be within the retro, Tron like, 80’s Miami based themes and the life style of these would be that of a gamer, who would have probably grown up within the 80’s to 90’s gaming era.

Platform(s) (explain what platforms you will use for the campaign and why – how will people access your interactive promotional video? How will this complement the fundraising campaign? What crowdfunding platform do you plan to use and why?)

For my campaign, the platform I will use will be Kickstarter. The reasons why I will use this is because it is mainly used by the male demographic, which is the main type of audience that watch Kung fury.  The age of the audience is around about the same

Year 2 term 1 / week 7

beat’em up write up

  1. What are the typical themes of the beat’em-ups or brawler genre of video games? How does your character/concept fit, adapt or subvert these themes? Why have you made this choice?

The typical themes found in beat’em-ups are, the 80’s, set on an urban setting, revenge or crime fighting themes. Influence from the Worriers

  1. What is the appeal of these games? Why do you think people played them? Why would they play them now?

One of the appeals for these video games was to make the controls of the games easy to memories, that way the easy controls can spread to a wider audience and allow more people to play and have fun. That way they won’t get frustrated by how hard the controls are to use or memories. There is also the method of making the game harder and of course giving hard core games all the more reason into giving up there time and money to beat it.

  1. What are the problems with the genre that the article identifies? How did developers respond to these problems in terms of gameplay, themes and characters?

In the early 90’s, the gaming era started to travel more towards 32-bit and 3D modelled games which declined the demand of 8-bit games and 8-bit gaming consoles. Luckily before the beat’em ups died out when went onto

  1. What are the key conventions/characteristics? How could you use these to develop your character/concept?



  1. What are the key gameplay elements? How could you convey some of these through your interactive promotional video?


  1. Identify examples cited in the article that could help you develop your character/concept? In what ways could they help inform your ideas?

(Gamerforlife, 2010)

Year 2 term 1 / week 6

Project funding research

In this, I wanted to know about the funding processes and methods when producing a media product. This is from films and television to games and other, I will be explaining the methods of funding and the pros and cons of these.

Independent Funding
What does this mean as a definition? Independent funding meaning, self-funding or funding that doesn’t evolve a media based platform or company.
What are the pros of this funding model? This means that coming up with a budget will diminish the restrictions you will receive when being funded by a large company. This will also allow you to ask people to work for you for free until the product is made, that way you can offer a percentage of the profit.
What are the cons of this funding model? The problems this method of funding could give you is that if you’re not careful and take too many risks, you will land yourself in debt or, the project could end up failing and you will end up losing a lot of money.
Example of film/ TV show/ game?
What promotional techniques are used?
Typical / average budget?
How does the form of funding influence technical, aesthetic and creative possibilities or outcomes?
What would change using a different funding model?
What control does the audience have?
Crowd Funding
What does this mean as a definition? A fund that comes from a large audience, usually from an online funding site. Funding can also come from larger companies.
What are the pros of this funding model? Funding this way could have a positive effect of going over budget, this is if the consumers really like the idea and concept of your product. This will also allow larger companies to come to you with offers of money to advertise or place there product in yours if, you’re making a film or TV series.
What are the cons of this funding model? The problems with crowd funding is that you could also hardly get any funds at all, which could be a huge setback or even stop the production on your idea altogether. Another major problem you can have with crowd funding is the fact that some more powerful people can put the copyright on your idea before you do, they would then take you to court for plagiarising there work.
Example of film/ TV show/ game?
What promotional techniques are used?
Typical / average budget?
How does the form of funding influence technical, aesthetic and creative possibilities or outcomes?
What would change using a different funding model?
What control does the audience have?
What does this mean as a definition?
What are the pros of this funding model?
What are the cons of this funding model?
Example of film/ TV show/ game?
What promotional techniques are used?
Typical / average budget?
How does the form of funding influence technical, aesthetic and creative possibilities or outcomes?
What would change using a different funding model?
What control does the audience have?

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Year 2 term 1 / week 5

Key framing right up

In this, my group was experimenting with key frames by using green screen recordings. These green screen recordings were remakes of the terminator police scene, in which myself and a group acted out the clip and recorded it. In this I will explain what went well, what could have been better and how I could use this in the future.

For this, we started to review the police station scene of the terminator film and was commenting on who will play what role, we had also discussed what we could use to recreate the scene and what we will need to improvise.

When it came to the green screening, we would need to make sure that out green screen fabric didn’t have any deep creases. The reasoning for this was because when it came to the key framing in after effects, we would have a little more of a job to edit out any unwanted marks or shadows that would contaminate the filming.



key frame making 1

We started in after effects by making a new composition our preset would be HDV/HDTV 720 25, and the size of the composition would be 1280 to 720. We needed to make sure that out background colour was black and the frame rate was at 25 frames per second.

key frame making 2

On the left, there will be a small tab that says project. That tab is where you would place the elements you would use for your film such as green screened footage, images, sound and other needed elements for that film. Once an element have been placed into your project tab, you can then drag that element onto your view able screen.

key frame making 3

On the left, there will be a small tab that says “Effects & presets”. This is where you would search for something called “key light (1.2)”. This is what you will need to keyframe your green screened elements. To do this, simply drag the key light over to your screen, making sure that your green screened element has been highlighted on the timeline at the bottom. You will need to place the key light on the element you want showing on the screen.

key frame making 4

After placing key light onto your element, a new tab will open above your project tab. This tab will have an option that says screen colour, with the eyedropper tool, you will want to select the green background of your green screened element. This will them get rid of all the green in the element kind of like a crop. For any noise around your element, you will want to go to the screen gain option and up the number by five.

key frame making 5key frame making 6key frame making 7

Year 2 term 1 / week 4

Terminator intro

In this, I wanted to try and recreate the terminator intro using adobe after effects. When recreating this intro I will be giving it my own twist compared to the official one. This intro will be used for a future remake staring myself and a group.

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Year 2 term 1 / week 3

Analyses of everything is a remix and my understanding 

Remix, to combine and edit existing materials to conjure up something new. This can be used with any type of material, from songs/music to films, Images, and inventions. Everything was almost in a way been copied, combined and even to an extent transformed.

Examples of these adaptations can be found everywhere, from the beat in a song or music piece to films and stories. Like the Avengers, a comic series that was readapted into a movie. If you look at both designs of Captain America from the comic to the actor who played him within the latest film (2014/17). You can visualize the striking similarities and the change and combined aspects. This includes the designs of elements within the film, from the style of technology to the placement of events.
Within music pieces, a huge range of classic and widespread songs have the same 4 notes, played for the main beat. Examples of this are Journey – “Don’t Stop Believin'”, James Blunt – “You’re Beautiful” and The Black Eyed Peas – “Where Is the Love”. a music event that contained 3 members played and showed a huge range of these famous songs had the four cord rhythm.

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Year 2 term 1 / week 1

This is year 2 of my course and here I will display an updated timeline of what I have gained in knowledge so far.

Time line year 2 final

This timetable represents all the topics and programs that I have learnt about during the first year of this course. Each image has been given a small description of what

Year 2 term 1 / week 2

Animation in after effects

In this, I wanted to experiment with the animation feature within adobe after effects. To do this, I will create a small animation of the game pong which will be displayed on an image of a 90’s television set.

I started by making a document on after effects, in the size of 1280×720 or known as 720p. I also changed the frame rate to 30/29.98 frames per second and opened up the document. You will need to ensure that your background is black for the white elements to be placed on top, if the background is not the right colour then you will need to go to the top of the program to the composition/ composition settings and change the colour of your background. The next step was to go up to the settings again to layer and then press new layer, the new layer will need to be a shape layer. The fill of the shape will need to be changed to white, to ensure that the shapes will be white you will need to go to fill which is shown on the toolbar at the top of your viewing screen. you will then need to go back to the tool bar to select the shape tool which is found next to the pen and text tools, ensure that the shape tool is set to create a square and that it has sharp edges, then draw out a rectangle on side of the canvas. You will them need 3 shapes in white, one on each layer. 2 layers will need to consist of a rectangle panel, one needs to be of a smaller square.


(Arrojas, 2017)

If you are familiar with the Atari game pong, you will know that pong is one of the most classic/first games to be playable on TV. As a commercial success in 1972. Pong is like ping pong in which you use a ping pong bat to hit a ball to the other player. The one who hits the ball to the opposite player and that player misses, they get a point. So it’s basically like air hockey on a game console with added sound effects.

(Uknown, Unknown)



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